Nextiva is a cloud-based all-in-one unified business communications platform, team collaboration tool, and customer service software.

Top products include Nextiva’s VoIP business phone system, Sales and Customer CRM tools, and advanced Analytics and Reporting.

This post provides a detailed look at available Nextiva products, specific features, pricing, and plans. It also breaks down the top pros and cons of Nextiva to help you decide if it’s the right fit for your business.


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Nextiva Pricing and Breakdown by Plans


Nextiva offers four main Business Phone plans, that start as low as $19/mo/user, which all include a free 7 days trial. Business Phone systems can be purchased individually or as a part of their Business Communication offering.

The below table reflects a quick overview of their starting pricing for their business calling plans on a month to month or multi-year commitment basis, along with key highlights for each:


Features Essential Professional Enterprise Ultimate
Month to Month Price $26/mo/user $31/mo/user $41/mo/user $66/mo/user
3 Year Commitment Price $19/mo/user $23/mo/user  $33/mo/user  $58/mo/user
Free Number Porting
Local/toll-free Numbers
Unlimited Voice & Video Calling
Unlimited Internet Fax X
Unlimited Call Recording X X
SMS Messaging X
Unlimited Conference Calls X
up to 40 participants
Voice Analytics X X
Mobile SMS/MMS X
Professional Setup X
Single Sign-On X X
Unlimited Call pop X X
Sales Productivity & pipeline management X X X
Customer service CRM X X X



Nextiva offers foundational products to streamline business communication, team collaboration, sales productivity, and customer relationships management.

All of these products operate within NextOS, Nextiva’s unified communications platform, and real-time, scalable workspace.

While a few of these products can be purchased individually/a la carte, the majority of them are available as a part of Nextiva’s bundled “Suites.”


Nextiva Business VoIP and Video Calling


Nextiva interface


Nextiva’s Business telephone Service offers Voice Over Internet Protocol voice calling and video calling.


VoIP Voice Calling

Nextiva VoIP comes with advanced features like call forwarding, call screening, call routing, and the ability to send/receive unlimited SMS and MMS messages from a desktop or mobile app.

Nextiva also offers free number porting, allowing users to keep any existing phone numbers while adding new local, long-distance, or toll-free numbers. Unlimited calling to the US and Canada, call recording, and voicemail to email and text capabilities are also available.

Agents are able to take calls from any device or even switch devices in the middle of a call if needed. Customizable priority alerts let customers know when their most important clients are on the line, giving them time to prepare for the call.

Admins may also customize extension numbers, use the push-to-talk feature, and anonymously reject and block calls from certain numbers.

Nextiva’s multi-level auto-attendant, makes call routing even easier, decreasing customer wait times and allowing team members to take calls from anywhere. To allow for better monitoring, each agent has their own status indicator and call presence settings.

Users can bring their own devices, make calls via softphone, rent desk, and conference phones, or purchase new phone equipment from Nextiva. Nextiva typically has free phone offers as well, so be sure to ask the rep for any available promotions.

Note that Nextiva’s VoIP phone system also allows for Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking.


Nextiva Video Calling

Nextiva video

Nextiva allows users to make and receive video calls with unlimited participants on their Enterprise plan. During these video calls, attendees and admins can share screens, participate in private or group chat messaging, and share files.

Additional video calling features include:

  • 1-click video calls
  • Video meeting scheduling
  • Private and public chats
  • Live streaming
  • Meeting recording
  • Social media streaming
  • Meeting dial-in access
  • Remote desktop control
  • Personal meeting link
  • Meeting lock


Artificial Intelligence and IVR

One of the system’s best features is Caller AI, which integrates with Nextiva’s CRM platform to provide users with a complete customer profile that automatically pops up when that customer makes an incoming or outgoing call.

Caller AI shows customer experience status, order/account history, survey results, past support interactions, and the overall customer value.

Advanced IVR technology also provides Conversational AI, so callers can state the reason for their call and be immediately routed to the best agent or department to assist them. According to data on the Nextiva website, Conversational AI offers a 99% reduction in caller waiting time and improves customer satisfaction by 10 points.

Use cases for Advanced IVR and AI include:


Additional Business Phone Features

Additional Business Phone features include:

  • Up to 10,000 toll-free minutes per month
  • Customizable hold music
  • Professionally recorded greetings/messages
  • Advanced call control
  • Caller ID
  • Call parking
  • Dial by name directory
  • Do not disturb
  • Unlimited online fax
  • Voicemail transcription
  • System status real-time alerts
  • Call history and log reports
  • Voice analytics


Nextiva Contact Center Software & Solutions


Nextiva’s Cloud-Based VoIP Service Phone Call Center Solutions software is ideal for enterprise-grade contact centers that have an especially high call volume.

Top Nextiva features of their cloud-based call center solution include:

  • Advanced call management
  • Queue management
  • Automated multichannel customer support
  • Customer self-service
  • IVR
  • Call recording
  • ACD
  • Call routing
  • Dashboard/reporting features
  • Auto Dialers


VoIP Call Center Solutions Nextiva Pricing and Plans

There are four available Call Center Nextiva plans, Core, Premium, Optimum, and Ultimate.

Nextiva Contact Center

Nextiva’s contact center plan ranges from $50/user/mo to $120/user/month, has no setup fees, and includes unlimited call queues and intelligent call distribution.

The Optimum contact center plan starts at $100/user per month, has no setup fees, and includes all premium plan features plus queue management.

Additional information about pricing and plans can be found by contacting Nextiva directly.


Nextiva Analytics


Nextiva analytics


Nextiva offers one of the most robust call reporting platforms on the market by providing business intelligence, agent efficiency, caller satisfaction, and voice analytics.

With Analytics, admins can create customized reports and dashboards filtered by call topic, customer location, agent, or even current call status.

Each Nextiva product, from Service CRM tools to team collaboration, provides specific insights in the forms of charts, graphs, diagrams, and more.

Company-wide public performance statistics allow for gamification and agile decision-making and allow team members to focus on the most urgent tickets at hand.

Analytics are also available regarding:

  • Average call duration
  • Number of calls per agent
  • Number of monthly sales per agent
  • Customer sentiment
  • Keyword analysis
  • Call ratings
  • Call distribution
  • Average toll-free talk talk
  • International talk time
  • Unique calls
  • Answered to missed call ratio


Nextiva Business VoIP Hardware


Users who do not wish to bring their own devices have several options when it comes to Nextiva business phones.

They can choose from popular top VoIP desktop phones, including Cisco phones, cordless, or conference phones, or use adapters.


VoIP Adapters

The Nextiva Fax Bridge ($150) connects existing standard office fax machines with Nextiva’s vFAX service. The Bridge connects the office Internet cable to the fax machine.

For $850, users can get the AudioCodes Mediant 500, which integrates Nextiva’s SIP trunking service with the PBX of your choice. This means users won’t have to purchase additional equipment to switch from PBX to IP-based communication.


Conference Phones

Users can choose from 6 available Nextiva conference phones, ranging in price from $195.00 to $1099.95.

These conference phones include features like:

  • NoiseBlock technology
  • 20-foot vocal pickup range
  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity
  • Speed dialing
  • Color LCD displays


Desk Phones

Nextiva offers 17 different desk phones, ranging in price from $74.99 to $349.95.

Desk phone features include:

  • Bluetooth/WiFi connectivity
  • USB inputs
  • Up to 16 phone lines
  • Headset input
  • Expansion module connectivity


Cordless Phones

Nextiva offers 4 cordless phone options ranging in price from $84.99 to $169.95.

Cordless phone features include:

  • Cordless headset connectivity
  • HD Voice
  • Up to 8 phone lines
  • Color LCD screen


Nextiva Service and Sales CRM




Nextiva offers two main CRM platforms: Sales Pipeline CRM and Customer Service CRM.

Both are designed to integrate with the Nextiva Business Phone to provide instant information about customer history, current order or support status, and any additional customer files or notes.


Customer Service CRM

Nextiva’s Customer Service CRM tool provides omnichannel customer support, intelligent case routing, and workflow automation designed to speed up overall customer first call resolution.

Users can import and export existing contacts and create unlimited additional customer and lead profiles.

These profiles contain account status, contact information, customer priority status, and an overall customer satisfaction rating based on survey responses.

The CRM also stores a complete interaction history from the past 30 days, so agents can review entire chat transcripts and specific case information to better assist customers. All agents have access to that customer history, meaning callers will not have to explain their issue over and over again when they speak to different agents.

Customers can contact support via chat, email, SMS messaging, phone, and best of all, social media. No matter which channel the customer communicates through, the CRM system allows agents to handle all customer service issues and inquiries within one platform.

Intelligent case routing ensures that each support ticket is sent to the right agent according to priority and time sensitivity, and an overview of the current agent workload prevents team members from getting overburdened and falling behind.

The Customer Service CRM also includes a self-service portal so customers can solve their own issues or get the information they need without contacting a representative.

Additional Customer Service CRM features include:

  • SLA Management
  • Custom reports and dashboards
  • Workflow automation
  • Email case routing
  • Case status
  • Email and account alerts/notifications
  • Customizable agent dashboards
  • Advanced customer survey features


Sales Pipeline & Productivity CRM

Nextiva’s Sales Pipeline CRM makes it easier for sales team representatives to track and share valuable customer insights via the customer database.

To speed up the sales process, the CRM system offers productivity tools like click-to-call capabilities and automated follow-up. Like the Customer Service CRM, the Sales Pipeline CRM also offers omnichannel customer and lead engagement for sales teams, allowing representatives to close deals and upsell existing clients faster.

Users can easily create automated canned responses and macros, freeing up sales agents and giving customers instant answers to FAQs.


Additional CRM Features

In addition to the specific CRM tools mentioned above, the integrated CRM platforms within the CRM Suite include:

  • Automated actions triggered by customer rating threshold
  • Advanced customer journey mapping
  • Trend analysis
  • Wallboards to display current representative sales numbers to the entire sales team
  • Sentiment analysis
  • CRM user status (DND, active, away, etc.)
  • Live notifications regarding changes/actions in selected accounts
  • Data export to CSV files
  • Account linking
  • Custom form creation
  • File sharing
  • Calendar tools


360-degree customer insights show representatives exactly where prospects are located within the customizable sales pipeline, the products that are the most likely to interest them, and even the keywords they used to reach your company’s website.

Lives sales forecasting, automated renewals, and customer satisfaction scoring let reps know exactly the right way to approach a customer.

Additional features include:

  • Customer database search bar
  • Notes and file uploads
  • Email storage and call logs
  • Contact management
  • Custom fields
  • Call pop


CRM Plans and Pricing

While the majority of Nextiva customers purchase the CRM Suite, a more basic CRM software is available as a standalone product.

The three plans are outlined in the table below.


Features Basic Plan Pro Plan Enterprise Plan
Price From $10/user per month From $20/user per month From $30/user per month
Call Pop
Account History
Email, Notes, Call Logs
Case Study/Priority Management
Workflow Automation
Custom Reports X
Survey Templates and Analytics X
User/Team Reports  X


Live Chat Software

Nextiva chat

Nextiva’s Live Chat software allows for live, person-to-person customer communication by adding the customer service chatbot and standard chat widget to the company website.

This software creates a 24/7 digital help desk for external communication. It also includes internal chat messaging, so employees can get quick answers to urgent questions that don’t require a phone call.

Features like unlimited chat history provide instant access to customer communication history from their initial onboarding date to the present. This prevents customers from having to repeat valuable information and makes it easy for multiple support team members to assist the same customer if needed.

More serious customer inquiries can easily be converted into “Cases,” which means that phone and email customer support will also be available.

Customizable chat buttons allow for better branding, while the internal wiki feature makes it easy for agents to find the answers customers need. Chat shortcuts mean agents can provide those answers by typing a quick code instead of the same support message over and over again.

Live chat software is available as a part of the Customer Relationship Suite.


Customer Surveys

Nextiva survey

Nextiva’s Customer Survey software, available as a part of the Customer Relationship Suite, allows users to create custom rating systems and questions that provide a deeper understanding of overall customer experience.

These surveys also help companies learn about the specific products/services their target market is interested in, as well as the effectiveness of current marketing campaigns.

Internal surveys offer a look at employee satisfaction and simplify the event planning process.

Surveys can include polls, multiple-choice questions, star ratings, and long-form Q&A. Survey interfaces are completely customizable to allow for more consistent branding.

Best of all, admins can access live insights highlighted by survey results, and create custom reports to organize and analyze the data.


Business SMS Text Messaging


Nextiva SMS


Nextiva’s SMS messaging feature, available as a part of the Business Communication Suite, allows for live internal and external text messaging via a desktop computer or mobile device.

Users can send/receive unlimited text messages from local or toll-free business phone numbers, as opposed to texting clients on their personal phones.

SMS messaging also allows for automatic appointment reminder notifications and lets agents respond to customers who contact them while they’re on the phone with someone else.


Nextiva vFAX


Nextiva vfax


Nextiva vFAX is available as an individual product or as a part of the Business Communication Suite.

It allows users to send and receive secure electronic faxes on any device, including smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, or a standard fax machine. This means there’s no need to purchase new equipment to get faxing capabilities.

Users are able to keep their current numbers, and all faxes are stored in a secure portal for easy organization and access. This portal is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption.

There are three available vFAX plans, outlined in the table below.


Features Essential Plan Professional Plan HIPAA Compliant Plan
Price From $4.95/month From $12.95/month Price Unlisted
Pages per Month 500 1,000 Unlisted


Nextiva Integrations


Because Nextiva is designed to serve as a replacement platform for the majority of business communication channels, CRM, and collaboration tools, it does not offer an especially high number of integrations.

However, it does integrate with widely-used business software, including:

  • Salesforce
  • QuickBooks
  • Zendesk
  • Okta
  • Google Calendar
  • GSuite
  • Microsoft Teams
  • HubSpot
  • ServiceNow
  • ConnectWise
  • NetSuite
  • Lotus Notes
  • Workbooks
  • Bullhorn
  • Oracle Sales Cloud


Security and Reliability


Nextiva provides 24/7 network monitoring in addition to physical security measures to protect its data centers, such as access control, security guards, and video recording.

Data centers have ISO/IEC 27001 security certification, SOC 2 and PCI Compliance, and its solutions are HITECH and HIPAA compliant.

Uninterruptible power sources and backup generators allow for Nextiva’s 99.999% uptime. Real-time status reports on Nextiva’s 8 points of presence are also available 24/7.

Call encryption is available on request, and Nextiva regularly conducts third-party audits and penetration testing. Security measures also include proactive fraud mitigation through account calling activity monitoring.

Nextiva also offers phone, email, and live chat customer support.


Nextiva Mobile App


Nextiva has both a desktop and mobile Mac/iOS and Android mobile VoIP and softphone app, users must purchase the Nextiva app add-on or have Pro/Enterprise Business Communication Suite or Office Pro Plus/Enterprise licenses.

Users can switch from desktop to mobile at any time, and users can access their business and personal contacts within the app.

The mobile app offers many of the calling features that the desktop version does, including:

  • Unlimited HD voice calls
  • Advanced voicemail management
  • Voice and video conferencing
  • Screen sharing
  • Custom caller ID
  • Call routing
  • Auto-attendant
  • Instant messaging


This makes Nextiva an especially ideal Unified communications service for companies requiring remote work tools to connect a geographically dispersed workforce.


Nextiva User Experience


Nextiva cases


Nextiva boasts an impressive client list including Taco Bell, Pac12, Amazon, Stanley Steemer, the YMCA, and even the Conan O’Brien Show.

But do Nextiva’s claims measure up?

Nextiva reviews from users consistently point to the following pros and cons of relying on Nextiva for your company’s unified communication and collaboration needs.


What users like about Nextiva:

  • Superior customer service compared to other VoIP providers
  • Ease of use and intuitive NextOS interface
  • Robust mobile app
  • Reduces the number of communication/collaboration tools needed
  • The excellent audio call quality
  • Software training for Nextiva customers
  • Improved customer service and employee productivity
  • Detailed analytics provide new insights into roadblocks


What users dislike about Nextiva:

  • Lengthy onboarding and training process
  • High cancellation fee
  • Lengthy, problematic contracts
  • Few integrations with other business tools/software
  • The high cost of premium features
  • Recordings stored for 30 days only
  • No photos with SMS texting


Is Nextiva Right For You?


Nextiva is best for large corporations with a high daily call volume and a large number of employees across many locations.

It’s also ideal for companies of any size who want to streamline communications services into a single platform and interface.

Want to explore other phone systems before making your final decision as a business owner?

Our Enterprise VoIP comparison table shows how Nextiva stacks up against Vonage and other top service providers like RingCentral, and 8×8.


Nextiva FAQs

Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common questions about Nextiva pricing and plans.

Several hard phones from top providers will work with Nextiva, including: 

  • Yealink

  • Cisco

  • Panasonic

  • VTech

  • Poly

Click here for more detailed information on how to connect phones from other providers to your Nextiva system.

Nextiva considers a single user who can make and receive calls to be the equivalent of one phone line. So, within the Nextiva system, you’ll need to purchase a separate phone line for every team member that needs to use Nextiva services.

Nextiva can manage up to 525 simultaneous calls in a single queue. 

For standard quality calls, you’ll need a broadband speed of about 90 Kbps. To ensure you have HD calls, you’ll need a broadband speed of 200 Kbps for downloads and uploads. For high-quality calls on mobile devices, you’ll need at least the connection speed of a 3G signal, though 4G LTE is preferable.

Designing your call flow is one of the most complicated parts of setting up your Nextiva account. 

Click here to access a detailed guide, along with a video tutorial, on how to design your auto attendant feature. 

Nextiva's status page provides real-time updates about the current status of all its software. Users can also subscribe to updates to receive automatic alerts any time the Nextiva system goes down. 

Numerous factors including the number of users you need, what plans you opt for, and whether you choose individual or bundled services will influence the cost of your Nextiva services. 

To get a more accurate estimation of how much you'll likely pay each month, visit this pricing guide on the Nextiva website.