Dialpad is a cloud-based, business VoIP provider that offers a wide range of communication solutions, for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re looking to set up a business VoIP phone service, customer support center, outbound sales call center, or a web conference software for your team, Dialpad offers a solution at various price ranges.

With revolutionary, cloud-based, voice intelligence software, Dialpad presents businesses with capabilities such as real-time call transcription, smart notes, real-time sentiment analysis, and real-time coaching, including all of the conventional telecom capabilities. Businesses using Dialpad can also enjoy the benefits of app integration for mobile devices, which works with popular software such as GSuite, Zendesk, Salesforce, LinkedIn, and more.

Both small businesses and enterprise companies want to get the best bang for their buck. With so many options to choose from, we need to carefully evaluate the cost of business communication, and only then we can make an informed decision that benefits us. Dialpad does great to provide enough information on plans & pricing, but we need to take a closer look to see exactly what we are getting here.

Let’s dig deeper into Dialpad products & pricing to help decision-makers decide on how to move forward.

In this article we will cover the following sections:



Dialpad Products Overview


Dialpad Breakdown of Products & Solutions in 2020

Dialpad Breakdown of Products & Solutions – Updated 4/21/2021


Dialpad offers four telecommunication solutions to businesses — Talk, UberConference, Support, and Sell. All four products are packed with features, and there are different pricing options to choose from based on your needs and business size. Combined, the products provide powerful platforms for business communication.


Dialpad Talk Plans & Pricing


Dialpad Talk solution is the cloud-based, AI-powered, VoIP business phone system that supports all of the traditional and modern phone features such as messages, voice, video, integration, and mobile app or desktop app. With Talk, you can sync your business phone system with any device of yours, and you can integrate apps such as Google Suite, Zendesk, Salesforce CRM or Slack with it.

Talk with clients at your office during the day, then share notes and set meetings on your phone during the night.

Dialpad Talk is capable of great things, and it’s a powerful tool to have at your disposal, especially if you’re dealing with lots of clients and apps at the same time. It’s also a good tool to use for team communication, and you’re able to organize the app so it doesn’t interfere with your team/client dynamic.

Features include capabilities like:

  • Phone, Messaging, Video
  • App Integration
  • Unlimited Calls
  • International Calls
  • Call Routing
  • Desk Phone Integration
  • Voicemail

Dialpad Talk is available to trial for 14 days absolutely free, and is available in 3 pricing options: Standard, Pro, and Enterprise, with different features that we will cover down below.


Dialpad Talk Features & Pricing

Compare Plans Standard Pro Enterprise
Quick Overview
Pricing (billed annually) $15/mo/user $25/mo/user Not listed, contact sales
Pricing (month-to-month) $20/mo/user $30/mo/user Not listed, contact sales
User Limits 1 user minimum 3 users minimum 100 users minimum
Unlimited Calling in US & Canada Yes Yes Yes
Mobile/Desktop Softphone & App Yes Yes Yes
Call Recording Yes Yes Yes
Multi-Level Auto Attendant Yes Yes Yes
Additional Numbers No Yes Yes
Custom Routing Yes Yes Yes
Extensions No No 24/7
Toll-free Numbers Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Spam Detection Yes  Yes  Yes
Number Porting Local & Toll-Free, Fees Apply Local & Toll-Free, Fees Apply Local & Toll-Free, Fees Apply
Switch Calls Between Devices Yes Yes Yes
Three-Way Calling Yes Yes Yes
Voicemail Transcription Yes Yes Yes
Click-to-Call Yes Yes Yes
Speech Coaching Yes Yes Yes
Collaboration Features
Contact Syncing  Yes  Yes  Yes
Analytics & Reporting  Basic Advanced Fully Customizable
Ring Groups 3 max 25 max Unlimited
Call Queues No  Yes  Yes
Online Meetings (UberConference) Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited SMS, MMS (domestic only)  Yes  Yes  Yes
International SMS Text Messages No  Yes  Yes
Salesforce No Yes Yes
Zendesk No Yes Yes
Slack No Yes Yes
Hubspot No Yes Yes
Zapier No Yes Yes
G Suite Yes Yes Yes
Office 365 Yes Yes Yes
Azure No No Yes
Okta No No Yes
OneLogin No No Yes
ServiceNow Yes Yes Yes
APIs & Webhooks Yes Yes Yes
Outreach Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes
Support & Customer Service
Knowledge Base Yes Yes Yes
Community Forum Yes Yes Yes
Multilingual Web Yes Yes Yes
Multilingual Chat Yes Yes Yes
Support Coverage 24/5 24/7 24/7
Phone Support No Yes Yes
Service Level Agreement No No Yes


It’s up to businesses to decide whether these features are worth the additional 50% budget increase. If your business relies heavily on other software (Salesforce, Slack, ServiceNow, etc.), investing in the Pro Plan  is a good choice, and you get the additional benefits as well. As we can see, the Standard Plan ($20/mo) offers us most of the core features of a business phone system, but it lacks some advanced features which are included in the Pro Plan. With Pro Plan, businesses get access to integration features, queue holds, logs, phone support, and international phone numbers at the cost of an additional $10/mo per agent.

Running a business phone system is no easy task, and having these additional tools that can help can lift a lot of weight off of your phone agents. As for the Enterprise plan, there’s not much to talk about except it’s worth mentioning that Dialpad could give better deals if you have more agents that require these services.


Dialpad Video Conference Features, Plans, Pricing


Dialpad Meetings (previously known as UberConference) is their web and video conferencing product that allows businesses to hold audio, web, and video conferences, with functionality such as screen sharing, session recording, PIN-free dial-in access, and more. This solution supports up to 100 participants on the paid business plan, and guarantees a pleasant web conferencing experience with all of its features.

Dialpad Meetings comes as a free version for all users but is limited to 10 participants, 45 minutes duration, and some more things. The most popular Business plan offers all of the features at $15/mo per user if billed annually.

Dialpad Meetings Pricing & Plans

Dialpad Video Conferencing Plans & Pricing

Dialpad Video Conferencing Plans & Pricing – Updated 4/21/2021


Side-by-side Comparison of Dialpad Meetings Features by Plan

UberConferencing Side-by-Side Feature Comparison

Dialpad Meetings Side-by-Side Feature Comparison – Updated 10/12/2021



Dialpad Support – Contact Center Software


Support is Dialpad’s cloud-based, customer support and contact center software which works as an inbound call center with additional features. With Support, your customer support team receives all of the conventional technologies that are necessary for professional customer support centers, such as phone call transfer, wait times, custom hold queue options, and additional advanced features.

What makes Support great is its advanced features — the call center is powered by native AI and natural language processing which boosts the performance of your agents. Your agents get keyword-based recommendations which allow them to effectively respond to customer inquiries.

On top of that, supervisor dashboards are packed with features that allow them to step in when necessary. One of those features is real-time customer call sentiment analysis which displays calls that need supervisor attention.


Dialpad Support Contact Center Pricing & Plans

Dialpad’s Call Center software is a great solution for customer service teams. Each plan offers similar features, and the difference is that the Enterprise plan gives businesses API & SCIM Provisioning as additional options for large teams.

Compare Plans Pro Enterprise
Price (billed annually) Contact Sales Contact Sales
Local, International and Toll-free Numbers Yes Yes
Unlimited Local Inbound Calling Yes Yes
Unlimited Outbound Calling (Fair Use Policy) Yes Yes
Customized Greetings Yes Yes
Call Forwarding Yes Yes
Custom Voicemail Greeting Yes Yes
SMS, MMS, and Group Messaging Yes Yes
Hold Queues Yes Yes
In-Queue Callback Yes Yes
Automated System Greeting Yes Yes
Custom Ring Durations Yes Yes
Round Robin, Fixed Order & Longest Idle Yes Yes
Customizable Hold Music Yes Yes
Open & Closed Business Hour Routing Yes Yes
Real-Time Dashboards & Alerts Yes Yes
Real-Time Customer Sentiment Yes Yes
Real-Time Call Transcription Yes Yes
Real-Time Call Monitoring (Listen in, Barge-in, Take Over) Yes Yes
Historical Analytics Yes Yes
Automatic Call Recording Yes Yes
Web Call History Yes Yes
API & Webhooks No Yes
Custom Reporting No Yes
SCIM Provisioning No Yes
Real-Time Call Transcription Yes Yes
Real-Time Recommendations Yes Yes
Shareable Post Call Summaries Yes Yes
SMS between Agent & Supervisor Yes Yes
Audio Snippets Yes Yes
Manual Notes Yes Yes
Automatic Logging to Salesforce Yes Yes
Automatic Logging to ServiceNow Yes Yes
Automatic Logging to Zendesk Yes Yes
Action Items Yes Yes
Chat Yes Yes
Email Yes Yes
Knowledge Base Yes Yes
Community Forum Yes Yes
Phone Support 24/5 24/7
Web-Based Admin Portal Yes Yes
Mac Yes Yes
Windows Yes Yes
Chrome Yes Yes
iOS Yes Yes
Android Yes Yes
Desk Phones Yes Yes
Softphones Yes Yes
Salesforce Service Cloud Yes Yes
G Suite Yes Yes
Office 365 Yes Yes
Zendesk Yes Yes
ServiceNow Yes Yes
LinkedIn Yes Yes
Slack Yes Yes

Dial Support gives teams & businesses access to great tools (based on AI technology) for customer service tasks, such as real-time sentiments and call monitoring. These tools allow supervisors to monitor agent performance, and it also allows them to efficiently coach their teams.*Except toll-free numbers. Regular numbers fall within a fair use policy cap of 3,000 outbound minutes per agent across each organization.

The price to pay for Dial Support is $75/mo per agent, which is certainly not cheap. However, with all the features and unlimited calling, we can see how this can be a worthy investment for businesses.

If a company is looking to provide premium customer support service, Dialpad Support can certainly help with that.


Dialpad Sell – Sales Dialer


Dialpad Sell works as an outbound dialing tool for sales representatives — it is built around the idea that sales reps can close more deals using AI technology and cloud-based systems to their advantage. Sell also works as a powerful coaching platform for supervisors, where they can track & observe sales reps, as well as provide in-platform coaching in real-time.

Features include capabilities like:

  • Local, International, and Toll-free Numbers
  • Direct Lines for all Sales Reps
  • Call Routing
  • Monitoring & Reporting
  • In-app Coaching
  • Supervisor Dashboard
  • Customer Support
  • App Support & Integration


Dialpad Sell Pricing & Plans

Dialpad Sell with a supervisor dashboard that allows coaching is available in two plans: Pro & Enterprise, as follows:

Dialpad Sell Pricing & Plans in 2020

Dialpad Sell Pricing & Plans in 2021

Side-by-side Comparison of Dialpad Sales Dialer Features by Plan

Side-by-side Comparison of Dialpad Sell Features by Plan

Side-by-side Comparison of Dialpad Sell Features by Plan – Updated 4/21/2021

Since there isn’t much information about Dialpad Sell plans, we can’t tell how good the investment is. However, considering that your team receives all of the usual Dialpad services (Unlimited calls, VoiceAI, Real-time analytics, App Integration, etc.), you can evaluate your investment based on that.*Except toll-free numbers. Regular numbers fall within a fair use policy of 3,000 outbound minutes, calculated as an average across all Dialpad Sell users.

Again, if your team relies on other apps and you want to take advantage of features that allow real-time tracking and coaching, Dialpad Sell can be a good option here.


Competitor Comparison


We covered the pricing options of Dialpad, however, we still have to compare it to some of the competitors to figure out the real cost of modern business communication.

Dialpad’s competitors are well known industry leading companies such as Nextiva, RingCentral, and GoToConnect. For all three of them, standard plans start at $24.99/mo/user (annual plans and 50+ users), which is the same as Dialpad Talk.

As for the call centers, although not many companies are willing to disclose this information in public, Five9’s call center solution is a similarly priced at $100/mo/user.

All things considered, Dialpad certainly offers competitive rates, and it’s up to businesses to evaluate the exact features of each company before deciding who to go with.

Of course, you can always compare alternative business phone services and call center software directly on our website.


The Bottom Line

Since the acquisition of TalkIQ, Dialpad has certainly improved its platform in many ways, thanks to the power VoiceAI technology that TalkIQ developed. Dialpad offers great products at a competitive rate, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. In the end, it seems like the entry cost of business communication seems to be $20/mo, with each company bringing something unique to the table.

This shows that Dialpad is growing and will continue to grow. That’s with good reason. This product offers stellar features at a reasonable cost. Dialpad offers different solutions at a variety of costs, so that every business can get quality VoIP service at a price point that works for them. We can expect Dialpad to be a thriving member of the VoIP market for some time now.


Yes! Number porting can help you with that.

Pricing starts at $0.01/min for inbound and $0.02/min for outbound calls within the United States. There is also an inbound toll-free per minute fee of $0.02/min per agent, per call center.

Call blocking and spam prevention features are provided to every user.